International Cooperation

DYPDC pays great attention to the development of international collaboration in order to promote international identification and to strengthen good reputation. We have been very active in establishing international collaborations. The objective is to focus on the content and quality of international cooperation in order to make internationalization a balanced element of education and research at DYPDC.

We believe that international co-operation is a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability and quality of teaching and research at DYPDC. Cultivating a network of international relations allows us to boost the mobility of our academic staff and students. From time to time we participate in a number of private and public, local, national and international collaborations, networks, associations, partnerships etc. at different levels.

International cooperation primarily focuses on student and teacher mobility, the establishment of joint educational programs, research projects etc. Through these tie-ups our students can go aboard to study and consequently their students can come on our campus as exchange students. The experience of living and studying in a different country benefits and broadens a student's global outlook. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with

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