PG Diploma in Digital Modeling


Digital Modeling allows you to bring ideas to reality in quick time. It powers the creative design process and is the perfect catalyst between design and engineering. The digital modeling process captures ideas and sketches and converts them into 3-D models. Modeling is a critical part of the design workflow, an important cog in the wheel. It allows to easily and flexibly iterate the modeled forms in various combinations until the time that the finaldesign is frozen.

It is known by various names such a Digital Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Math Modeling, etc. Irrespective of the name it is called, it helps to connect design and engineering helping to collaborate effectively. It helps to communicate two-dimensional concepts in three-dimensional form and validate the Class-A surface data. It embodies concept exploration, design modeling, precision surfacing, reverse engineering, visualization and communication, collaboration and interoperability.

The faculty and course contents ensures that students are taught at the highest industry standards and they learn from the very best. The main tool used in Digital Modeling is Autodesk Alias. DYPDC is an Authorized Training Centre for Autodesk to impart training and instruction for Alias.

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