A Welcome from the Director

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to DYPDC – an innovation led institution focused on creating an innovative India by educating and empowering the future generation of innovators.

The capability to innovate is increasingly important in a globalized, industrialized, and knowledge-based economy. Innovation alone will ensure that the Indian economy maintains its competitive edge and provides a good quality of life for people of India. The Government of India, having recognized the importance of Innovation has declared the present decade of 2010-2020 as the 'Decade of Innovation'.

DYPDC offers highly experiential, hands-on programs with a unique learning experience to explore new ways of generating cutting-edge solutions using creativity and design principles. The emphasis at DYPDC is always on creating an exciting and charged environment, where a mix of youthful vibrancy with experience & maturity, global viewpoint with local reality, emerging technology with traditional wisdom, and existing knowledge with rebellion and constant questioning will lead to an exciting journey throughout the programs.

In this turbulent, get-real economy, the advantage goes to those who out-imagine and out-create their competitors... The real challenge lies in getting better and better at a different things: devising solutions to wickedly difficult problems. Get this unique advantage over others, innovate rather than replicate.

We invite you to this exciting voyage of discovery where you’ll find the inspiration and knowledge to become an innovative leader of the future.

Best wishes,
Hrridaysh Deshpande

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