Real World Learning

One of the beliefs at DYPDC is to accord every student an opportunity through integration of basic knowledge and conceptual aspects with hands on training and practice in a real life work environment. We aim to instill greater confidence, competitiveness and competence among its students to meet needs of the industry. It aims to induct hands-on training for students and to cultivate capabilities suiting emerging job markets and build entrepreneurship spirit and business management competence among students.

All through the programs, emphasis is on developing and assessing students’ problem solving skills, encompassing both the creative and cognitive aspects of these skills. The real-worldlearning framework at DYPDC while focusing on developing skills that are highly valued by employers amongst the students also encourages them to enjoy the intellectual excitement and challenge of discovering and learning more about their chosen field.

The DYPDC framework creates an effective experiential method of engaging students in problem identification, formulation and solution, as well as providing an opportunity for students to develop a sense of identity with the discipline. It is in the context of this framework that students develop knowledge and understanding of client liaison, brief-taking, reporting, project management, and concept presentation to internal and external stakeholders. We follow the Kolb model for our real-world learning framework.

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